The Benefits of GeoThermal Energy

How does it work?
Geothermal systems rely on the earth’s subsurface maintaining a constant temperature. The temperature may fluctuate significantly at the surface, but at depths greater than 6 feet, the temperature remains relatively stable (approximately 50 degrees Fahrenheit). The standard geothermal system includes a loop (tubing) containing a liquid (antifreeze) which is constantly circulating. This loop runs from the building to the exterior, horizontally in the ground, or vertically in a boring, and then back to the building. As the liquid is circulated, it absorbs heat from the surrounding earth in winter, and transfers heat to the surrounding earth in summer. The liquid is circulated through the compressor or heat pump, which extracts heat for distribution throughout the structure. In the summer the system works in the opposite direction to provide cool air.

How big is the unit?
The units are comparable in size to a standard gas or oil furnace.

Benefits of Ownership

  • Lower operating costs – Annual heating and cooling costs can be decreased by up to 70%.
  • Enhanced comfort – Dual capacity compressors and EPC blowers eliminate blasts of hot or cold air and deliver a more even supply of warm or cool air.
  • Quiet operation – There is no outdoor condenser and the air handlers are quieter than most forced hot air furnaces.
  • Smaller carbon footprint – Gas and oil use is eliminated.
  • No fossil fuels – Fossil fuel use is eliminated. There are no odors, vapors or dangerous gases.

Information provided by Achieve Renewable Energy

Here’s an excellent YouTube video explaining Geothermal heating and cooling. It’s less than 1 minute 30 seconds and easy to understand.


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